Thursday 29 January 2015

Goal or Gaol

As I've blogged about goals* this week autocorrect seems to have spent a lot of time changing gaol to goal.

It had me thinking though about whether goals/gaols are actually related.

I can certainly see how goals can feel a lot like a gaol:
  • The end can often seem a long way away
  • The end is no longer one we want
  • The means involves pain
  • The means suffocates us
  • The means involves increasing pain and discomfort
  • The means involves being cut off from others in our life
  • The means no longer holds much joy and laughter
A great reminder to refresh and revisit goals on a frequent basis, and perhaps also provide incentives when you meet certain milestones.

These similarities also remind me of my "can we be faithless and therefore trustworthy" blog.

Alison Smith
Inspiring change inside and out when what you're doing isn't working.

* Other blogs covering goals this week have included: Goals are not sweeping generalisations, Well Formed Outcomes and what's stopping you. Tomorrow we look at values and how they provide the motivation to move towards achieving our goals, or not as the case might be.

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