Sunday 18 May 2014

There's a time for inspiration

I was really looking forward to watching The Lion King last night. I've seen it before and loved it. Musicals have, in the past, always left me totally in awe, inspired, with a big grin on my face and with tears on my cheeks. An experience that helps me connect to that "all is well in the world" feeling :-).

Last night was different and I left at half time - it had simply left me cold - no smile, no tears and no awe :-(.

Lots of reasons and because of these I can't definitively say it wasn't their performance - although since everyone else around me seemed to be enjoying it I'm thinking it's more likely the other reasons.

A great reminder that inspiration isn't something that can just be turned on as part of our every day and busy lives. I'd just tried to tag a quick trip to the theatre onto an already busy week, and Saturday in the office, with no ceremony nor rest. I'd simply treated it as another thing on my to-do list and as a result it was more about "doing" than "being". 

I realise inspiration is certainly more about being than doing. Something we could all do with thinking about I'd suggest when wanting to develop ideas, and bring innovation and inspiration into our organisations Monday to Friday. 

What do you do to keep the inspiration and awe alive in the work you do to stop it just being something on the to-do list?


Alison Smith
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