Thursday 27 August 2020

Every day patterns or the unexpected

The pod of dolphins was a joy to behold as they jumped out of the water and swam past this morning (image for illustration not those from this morning I'm afraid.)

I can't say that I spend all my time looking out of my office window, and certainly can't tell you how many ships go past in any day.
And yet today within seconds of each other my neighbour and I both noticed the pod as it traveled past and sent texts to each other so we didn't miss them.
That's what our attention can be like - we don't notice the every day things that happen frequently, and yet do notice the unexpected or out of the ordinary.
The challenge when coaching others, either as a coach or manager, is knowing when to pay attention to the every day patterns and when to focus on the unexpected.
After all, some unhelpful habits may lie in the every day patterns well out of our conscious awareness, and yet can get drowned out and ignored as we pay attention to the unexpected.
Other habits have yet to be developed which means when faced with the unexpected we start grasping for habits that work in other areas of our lives, and may not be so effective with the unexpected.
The key is self awareness ie being attentive to what is working and what isn't and then putting attention where it will have the greatest impact.
Where do you need to put your attention today

And if it's finding new habits to deal with the unexpected why not sign up for my webinar on 3rd Sept.

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Feeling discombobulated?

If you're feeling discombobulated and lacking in focus and direction join me for the next 4 days as we explore how to see the wood for the trees over on Linked In.

The first question I'm asking you to think about is 

If you couldn't see the wood for the trees in a real wood what would you do?

I'd love to hear your thoughts - some suggestions to get you going might include finding a map or taking to higher ground.

What else comes to mind?

You may also want to measure where you are currently on the discombobulation and satisfaction scales out of 10 to get a sense of progress by the time we get to Friday.