Wednesday 29 April 2020

The belief that's keeping me sane

Yesterday I was paralyzed by a belief, and today I have a belief that is keeping me sane. "Everyone is doing the best they can." I don't doubt we could all do better, more and do it faster but we're not. We Are All Yes ALL Doing The Best We Can A belief that stops me spending time focusing on things that are outside my control. I trust the supermarket is doing their best. I trust Westminster is doing its best. I trust the NHS are doing their best. I trust that PPE buyers across the planet are dong their best. If I get distracted with judgement, blame and anger about things I have no control my energy plummets, my best is limited and my well-being is compromised. If I spend time gossiping and agreeing with others on things about which I have no control it's time I can't get back. If I allow them to focus on doing their best I can get on with doing my best. A best that includes constructively helping others to move from today's best to tomorrow's best. No blame about today just learning and insight applied to an ever developing best. What belief will support your best today?

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Paralysed by a belief

As I wonder what to write I realise I’m paralysed by a belief - a belief that I’m doing the wrong thing.
“If I say that isn’t it a kick in the teeth for those who are really struggling?”
“Is that really a worthwhile subject to talk about at the moment?”
“Won’t that sound insensitive?”
Of course, it’s not just about writing - I can feel this belief creeping into other activities.
"Should we be doing that at this time?”
“Does it really matter in the scheme of things?”
“Why bother?”
I realise there’s at least two reasons to bother:
1. Everyone is in a different part of their journey through the lockdown - coping, not coping, excelling, loving it, hating it, floored by it, paralysed by it, &\or flying high. Changing daily or even hourly or stuck in one of these. Which means all advice is good advice - it just needs to find the audience needing to hear it - today. Dismissed by many but finding a home in those needing that insight.
2. By doing what I can - what I’m good at - gives me a purpose & it’s that purpose that will strengthen my resilience. A resilience of mind, body, & yes soul too, that is much needed to travel this weird & strange journey we’re on.
Where might you be paralysed by a belief, and how can you reassess its validity to release that mindset.

Friday 24 April 2020

Finding Motivation in Unprecedented Times

You may have noticed a change in your level of motivation at the moment – whether up or down.
You may also have noticed a change in the motivation of your family, friends, colleagues and stakeholders.
What worked only a few weeks ago is no longer working – and that’s not just about what motivates us.
The world has radically changed and every aspect of our personal and working lives continues to change daily.
As much as we’d like, we can’t go back to how things were, and instead we need to have awareness of where things are now and where they are headed.   
I think there’s a few things going on that will help explain our reactions, and those of our stakeholders.

Saturday 18 April 2020


My normal isn’t your normal - yours isn’t mine.
It isn’t today, never was, and will never be.
What was my normal has changed, will change again, and again over coming weeks and months. Yours too.
Someone’s normal may be increased energy and enthusiasm.
Another’s normal may struggle to get the basics and essentials done.
Today’s normal may be lots of free time, or no time at all.
Tomorrow’s normal may be creative and inspired or a mind stuck in Groundhog Day.
No right.
No wrong.
Just what is.
An emerging raveling and unraveling of old, not so old and new and yet to be discovered habits.
A tightrope of known and unknown, of certain and uncertain.
Each of us trying to make sense of the unprecedented, and getting a different answer.
And yet it’s an answer that gives us faith, hope and strength.
If I try to pull your rug from under your feet about the certainty of your answer I apologise, as I hope you will me.
My normal isn’t your normal - yours isn’t mine.
It isn’t today, never was, and will never be.

You'll find a little more about these words on this vlog