Monday 6 January 2020

Are you easily distracted?

11 minutes 25 seconds felt like an eternity. It was the duration of an activity I was doing as part of my do something different every day in January. What’s the longest you’ve read without distraction? Or should that be, what’s the longest you’ve read without distraction taking you off to start another task whilst the article/chapter gets left on hold until (or if) you return to it? It’s funny how these challenges go. Last time I did something different every day the biggest insight was how often I said no to things. A pattern I have since tried to break, and am certainly more aware of my default of “no I don’t want to do/try/go...” This time, it would seem I’m pushing at the attention/ focus pattern - or lack of such. Interestingly the Saturday paper magazine I chose to read cover to cover included an article that took those 11+ minutes to read and was on Tristan Harris on “attention capitalism”. Exploring the very subject that my challenge seems to be inviting me to unlock. That’s why I love the doing something different every day challenge because it provides me/us with an opportunity to push at unconscious habits. From past experience the habits we resist most are the habits most in need of review. What will you do differently today? hashtagletsgetzagging