Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Would it make a difference if we used i?

Our unconcious picks up so much that we're never consciously aware of. Yet what we're picking up can have a significant impact on our values, beliefs and, therefore, ultimately on our behaviours and actions.

It's why product placement is an increasing solution in marketing, it's why many magicians and stage hypnotists manage to fool us and it's also how cultures emerge, develop and take hold.

Today I was wondering why 'I' had a capital when 'us', 'we', 'team' and so on don't. That had me then wondering what the use of a capital when using i may have conveyed unconsciously.
  • we're more important than others?
  • I is better than we or working with others?
No answers here today - just food for thought. A gentle reminder that the words and visuals we use daily may be having a positive or negative impact on our relations with others without us even being consciously aware of it.

Alison Smith
Inspiring change inside and out

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