Tuesday 6 August 2013


The theme of effective communication continues - this time aimed at procurement functions.

A recent blog by Remko Van Hoek from PWC on HBR provided some interesting statistics around communication with procurement's internal stakeholders. These included:
  • only 51% of respondents gathering information on internal stakeholders
  • only 39% developing different stories for different audiences
  • only 27% having targets for stakeholder engagement
WOW - and then we wonder why our stakeholders don't use us nor appreciate the value the majority of us add!

They say actions speak louder than words - remember that's only if stakeholders:
  • feel involved enough to care
  • believe their needs have been met and concerns addressed
  • know the outcome of the actions we've taken
  • understand what was involved to deliver the outcome
For stakeholders to know all this procurement professionals need to talk to them. Previous blogs and Pinterest boards have touched on what form this talking might take and might include:
Until the majority of us start getting the basics right how can we expect our stakeholders to understand the great job we do and why we should be their internal supplier of choice for all their procurement needs.

What will you do today to improve your communication?

Alison Smith
Inspiring change inside and out

I use the meerkat picture because those meerkats' job is to keep guard and communicate danger. Without one of them undertaking that role they know that the whole group is in danger. They know they can't afford to let the basics be left uncovered.

A getting relationships right workshop has been arranged in August here in Scotland and can be delivered in-house within your organisation. It will address many of the issues raised in this blog and can be applied with specific stakeholders in mind.

Alison has a strong passion and energy for what she does which was demonstrated in her ability to run an innovative session for my team that identified what was holding us back from being a high performing team. This ability, when coupled with her capability to bring fun into the session, was a powerful tool for helping my team realise their full potential.” Cara Murphy, Senior Category Manager Lloyds Banking Group

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