Wednesday 21 August 2013


A blog with a difference and therefore out of my comfort zone - be gentle with me please.

As a coach there's many different topics that emerge from sessions with clients. These topics are addressed in a number of different ways that support the subject being dealt with and the person involved. These may cover business or personal challenges. Always with the aim getting insight on the situation and/or releasing what's setting them back.

For personal challenges, in addition to the more familiar coaching tools, recent sessions I've facilitated have included use of the transformation game, landscaping your life, metaphors for life and stories

Sometimes the story is written by the client and sometimes I write a more general one on the subject - after all stories have been used for millennia to convey learning and insight.  

Guilt and Forgiveness has been an emerging theme in coaching in recent weeks and I sat down with the intention of writing a story. However this 'poem' emerged!!

See what you think - not my normal blog post at all and a little scary as result of that. I just need to remember that something different to add to the mix is always helpful - not least if we're in need of getting out of our comfort zones :-). 


He was that way because of x
And did those things because of y

He didn't think, he didn't wonder, he had not woken, he was not aware

He treated others as he thought he should
And reacted to the environment the best he could

He didn't think, he didn't wonder, he had not woken, he was not aware
He burnt his bridges
And hurt himself and others even more

He didn't think, he didn't wonder, he had not woken, he was not aware

Then one day
He thought
He wondered
He woke 
And became aware of the world around him and the opportunities of being different in the world

Then the guilt came 

For being that way
For doing that thing
For his reactions
For his treatment of others
For burning his bridges
For hurting himself and
For hurting others

Forgiveness comes in letting go of the guilt 
Of being able to say "I am me and I am okay"

You always were okay 
You always will be okay
Know that a different world is now possible because

You do think
You can wonder 
You are awake 
And you are aware. 

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