Thursday, 22 January 2015

Procurement Relationships - Oblique Strategies

I love this challenge from the oblique strategies cards.

I started this series of blogs suggesting procurement needed to be accepted as a skill that should be left to the professionals to do.

Is this card asking me to consider the opposite?
do think so and I could so easily have pulled another card for the purposes of the blog. The key though is that exploration of the card, whether I like it or not, will provide some insight.
So what could this card mean in this context? 
Procurement allowing internal stakeholders to get more involved perhaps? 
Last week I identified a number of fears procurement have that mean they pull back from engaging with their internal customers. This card might be inviting us to let them go and get stuck in and collaborate with those very stakeholders.
More tomorrow on another tool I use with clients - perceptual positions!
Alison Smith
Inspiring Change Inside and Out - when what you're doing isn't working

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