Monday 27 March 2017

Why all maps are wrong

Understanding the following concept 17 years ago resulted in my stakeholders saying I was easier to deal with - and me thinking they were!
The world map is a great analogy that demonstrates what we're doing all the time when we're developing our own world view & beliefs.

The video explores different projections of the Earth and mirrors what we're doing every day of our lives - making our own projection of what we see, hear, feel and understand, and storing that map believing it to be the truest projection available.

It's no wonder misunderstandings occur when we realise we're all using different projections.

17 years ago understanding that how I saw the world was only my projection/perception of it meant the words and tone I used changed, and as a result made my communication easier to hear. No longer where people told that my world view was right. Instead a world view was offered for them to make sense of from their own world view. Common ground was then found, and relationships much more harmonious as a result.

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Unlocking procurement potential often using unconventional tools

Communication is one of the postcards included in the Purchasing Coach Soft Skills Toolkit that brings together a series of postcards from your soft skills - it's entitled Dear Procurement, with love from your soft skills. More here.

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