Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Common Procurement Challenges

Having used unconventional tools in my procurement work for over 20 years I'm convinced of their efficacy. I've also seen the evidence of the open mindedness of procurement professionals towards using these tools. I realise however that many reading my blogs, or have only just come across me on social media, may need some persuading.

I'm therefore wanting to demonstrate the efficacy of the unconventional tools I use by applying them to the day to day challenges faced by procurement teams.

Here's my starter for 10 for the types of challenges procurement face, and I'd love to hear your suggestions of others in comments below, via LI or twitter or by email to
  • We need more savings
  • We don't have a seat at the table
  • It's a law of diminishing returns - the low hanging fruit have already gone
  • Finance are only interested in budget reduction and not value
  • Stakeholders are doing their own thing and ignoring us
  • Our supplier is letting us down
  • We don't have enough time/resources
  • Prices are increasing not reducing 
  • We need breakthrough thinking and innovation - NOW
  • They just tell us that we slow things down and stop them doing their job 
Here's a link to an index of posts that I will add to as I apply one of the unconventional tools to provide a different perspective to solving the above, and more challenges. You will however find some examples of using these unconventional tools in my post 'where has convention ever got us?'

Applying the tool to real life situations will always be better than a post so do get in touch if you'd like to arrange a session for you or your team +44 (0)7770 538159

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