Friday 3 March 2017

Index of posts offering different perspectives to a challenge

I asked you for your most challenging procurement issues on LinkedIn, and you shared them enthusiastically. I'd said I'd apply the unconventional tools I use in coaching, facilitation and training to these challenges, and share the outcome in my posts on my blog. I also wrote some guiding principles that would help you to get the most from reading the posts.

Here's the emerging index of the post I've written so far (follow the hypertext links highlighted).

I like to see it as an index of potential insights offering different perspectives to the challenges you're facing.

The score out of 10 provides my assessment of the level of unconventionalness used when applying the tool.
Remember we're using an unconventional tool because the conventional way of solving a problem means the solution is still eluding us, and an alternate perspective may just be the thing we need to jolt us back on track.

How your mind does that will differ every time you use one of these tools. Just stay open to the possibility of finding something you've not thought about before, that might just be the insight you need.

Other blogs I've shared in the past using an unconventional tool or two, and applied to various challenges discussed in procurement coaching or training sessions are listed below:
More general blogs addressing every day issues that also use these unconventional tools include:
I'm not expecting anyone to read them all - just dip in and out (by following the hypertext links for the topic you're interested in).

I'd suggest that on days when a solution is eluding you you might want to come back, be open to the unexpected and unconventional, and pick a post that feels like it might just have the same energy to your issue, and apply the insights to your current situation.

Do get in touch if you'd be interested in coaching, facilitation or training, whether using these unconventional tools applied to challenges you're facing, or more conventional soft/people skills training. I do also provide category management and supplier management training and coaching too, directly or as an associate via other procurement consultancies (I'm always open to being an associate, partner or collaborator with others.) +44 (0)7770 538159

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Unlocking procurement potential often using unconventional tools

Creativity is one of the postcards included in the Purchasing Coach Soft Skills Toolkit that brings together a series of postcards written to Procurement from your soft skills - it's entitled Dear Procurement, with love from your soft skills. More here.

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