Sunday 5 October 2014

Comfort zones in relationships


Change is inevitable in working relationships. Whether that change however is embraced or not will be a function of how much all concerned currently operate in a relationship comfort zone.

Previous blogs have touched on the impact small changes can make to expanding our comfort zone both personally and at work. The premise being if we're constantly making small changes the bigger changes are more likely to be embraced than we're firmly stuck in our comfort zone day in day out.

Don't get me wrong many of these daily habits may be the most efficient and effective ways of doing something - you'll soon realise which they are and revert to the tried and trusted ways of behaving. The challenge is sometimes these habits have become unconscious and may no longer be effective nor efficient. How will you know unless you test them?

Today I'd like to make some suggestions of those small changes that can be made in working relationships that would foster a culture that embraces change.
  • Speaking to different people rather than always ringing the same person to sort out a problem
  • Changing the agenda for regular meetings, or their time or duration
  • Changing the venue for these meetings - what about a museum, park or coffee shop or where the goods or services are delivered
  • Discussing To-Be lists not To-Do lists
  • Picking up the phone more to discuss issues rather than rely on emails
  • Appreciate the things that are going well (one that often gets forgotten)
I'd love to hear your suggestions of what changes you might want to try? Do let me know how you get on too.

Alison Smith
Inspiring Change Inside and Out

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