Sunday 19 October 2014

Let your unconscious be your guide

The challenge with challenges is if you knew what to do you'd have done it by now. The fact that you haven't done anything, and still sit wondering what to do, means there's something stopping you.
What's potentially stopping you from taking action is endless - fear, beliefs, assumptions, promises, lack of resources and so on. This blog can't hope to tackle every one of these reasons. That said it's likely that some part of you does know what to do and the trick is tapping into that part of you (your unconscious) that does know.

There's many ways of listening to your unconscious - meditation, writing, drawing, metaphor and stories etc. Last month I took a challenge I had on a walk and noticed what I noticed in nature. Earlier this month those attending a #streetwisdom session did something similar in the streets of London. I also often use the frameworks for change coaching process - today however I'm using the books in my library. 

The premise is:
  • the unconscious knows the answer 
The unconscious just needs to be able to get the conscious awareness to see/hear/understand what that answer is. With millions of bits of information available in every second the unconscious sets the filters so the bits of information we do notice provide the insights to our enquiry. Where we look for the answers might be nature, streets or in this instance books. 

That is open a book at any page and see what it has to say - with c500 words to play with your unconscious will find the words that help start the communication and ignore all those that don't fit!
Let me show you what I mean - I picked 6 books from my library and opened each in turn at a page and read it. Please note it's my unconscious picking these insights so they make sense to me - your unconscious would notice different insights that make perfect sense to you.

For illustrative purposes however here's what I discovered:

  • We're living in a digital world of 0s and 1s, on or off. In an analogue world we have a choice that could be 0.45 or 0.76 not just 0 or 1. 
The Compass
  • "There's danger in a divided heart" - indecision is the culprit but its indecision of the heart not mind. Quieten the mind and you may just hear the heart's whispers. 
Defy Gravity 
  • "Renewal of your life, your health or your very being is a mystical undertaking."
The Invitation
  • "Have faith in the truth."
The Overview Effect
  • The difference between the earth and a globe is the earth doesn't have all those lines on it showing where one country ends and another starts - we are all one.
  • "Why are you running so fast" - slow down.
Interestingly not too far away from the insights from the walk the other week - patience, flow, trust and now the additions of quietening my mind and listening to my heart and soul.

These insights may make no sense to you - they don't have to - they do to me. 
Why not take a situation you'd like more clarity on into a few books and notice what you notice? 
Alison Smith
Inspiring change inside and out 

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