Sunday 27 January 2013

Calling procurement consultants, associates & trainers

If you're a business or procurement consultancy or procurement consultant or trainer this LinkedIn group might be for you so please read on......

Most consultancies have a database of associates to call upon. Yet I'm sure there are times when you need more people, or need to find someone with specific expertise, category or client experience or even someone who lives locally to your client. This group could be how you find potential new associates.

As an associate how do you find out about opportunities beyond your regular consultancies?
The concept behind this group is:
  • Procurement associates get their LinkedIn profiles up to date and join the group
  • Business and procurement consultancies join the group and when they have a need for a new associate they use advanced search on all members of this group. That should deliver a short list of potential associates.  
The idea formed at the end of a busy year for me travelling from Scotland to the Midlands and London. I wondered how many people were doing the journey in reverse and pondered if my life balance could be improved if I found at least some local work? As trains of thought go I then remembered conversations at conferences when I’ve heard “I didn’t know you specialised in that” “I could have done with your experience with my last client” “my clients don’t really like paying travelling costs so I’m looking for someone local”. And the rest as they say is history.

The success of the group will be determined by great associates joining, and consultancies hearing it's the place to go to have their requirements met. The more potential associates the better. It doesn’t matter whether you’re available now or not for another 6 months, or only have 2 days a week available the aim is to have a strong network of associates that consultancies can search on.

So do please join and then invite others to join and let’s together demonstrate the benefit of collaboration.

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Inspiring change inside and out

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