Wednesday 6 February 2013

Some things I remember and some I forget when I'm busy!

January and February have been very busy months so far - not enough days and all that.

You'd think with all the training I've attended, and even provide myself, on understanding ourselves, doing more of what sustains us, making sure we have balance etc etc that I'd have got it sussed by now. Yet here I am yet again kicking myself for the things I've forgotten to do that might help with keeping me focused, positive and on top of things.

But first let's start with the things I have remembered to do:
  • In the preceding 2 months the house was decluttered - there isn't a cupboard or drawer that hasn't been tidied. Which means no wasted time looking for things.
  • At the same time every broken or damaged item in the house was mended, replaced or simply thrown away. Which means no wasted time with things not working.
  • I got my inbox down to 0. Which means no wasted time looking at an email 30+ times telling myself I'll deal with  it later. If it's going to take less than 2 mins to deal with it I reply then and there.
  • I'm using my ipad to support what I do - To-do lists via ActionMethod, lots of great blogs loaded to dip in and out of to inspire, the kindle app and google drive loaded so that I may read interesting PDF's and books whilst on the move, and so on.
  • I've said no to things that will only add to my schedule.
  • I've booked myself on a yoga course.
  • When I give myself the time I do eat home made juices, soups and casseroles.
But that's the problem "when I have time" - there's lots of things I'm forgetting to do because I've become too busy to remember or because I don't allow myself the time to do them. Essential things like:
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • Going for a walk and getting some fresh sea air
  • Moving my body frequently (not sit at the PC for 10 hrs straight!)
  • Scheduling time with friends
  • Spending more time with people - as an extrovert I go get my energy from being with others
  • Blogging - because the satisfaction and buzz I get from writing can last me days 
Well they do say we teach what we ourselves need to learn so one day I may just get it!

What do you need to remember to do more of? or less of ? and when will you take the necessary action.

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Inspiring collaboration in purchasing.

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