Friday 11 January 2013

What do you call your stakeholders?

Funny how trains of thought go.

I read that someone was giving up smoking for 2013. I tweeted that use of ‘giving up’ was constantly reminding them of what they were going without. Which, as anyone with children will know when trying to tell them they can’t do something, is not conducive to achieving the desired outcome. I then read a tweet that said “you get the gist everyone hates HR” in reaction to a blog entitled HR: a 10 point agenda for change.

Putting the two trains of thought together I wonder how much the words we use about our own procurement stakeholders get in the way of us achieving our desired outcome. How often do we hear “They don’t understand” or “They don’t listen.” What about “it’s us against them” “we need to win the argument” “we’ll beat them” - although it has to be said I’ve yet to hear “they hate us” or even “I hate them.”

The reminder comes of course when we realise that those who do achieve their goals, those whose stakeholders write about their relationship in Supply Management and those who win awards will already be aware of the language they use and the beliefs they hold about their stakeholders. Whilst it might not be about loving each other I’m sure it will be about collaboration, listening, understanding and doing it together.

If you’re not achieving your desired outcome how might the language you use and the beliefs you hold be holding you back? Just a passing thought as I start my day.

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Inspiring change in stakeholder relationships inside and out.

Original blog first published in Supply Management blogs.

Collaboration is everything picture source: via Alison on Pinterest

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