Sunday, 6 January 2013

What's winning in your world - the good, the bad or the indifferent

I woke to this view this morning - what a fabulous start to the day. One shared with facebook friends and twitter followers. I then went to the BBC news app, as I do most mornings, and wondered why my mood changed:
  • no-turn
  • conflict
  • unrest
  • killed
  • clash
  • sacked
  • rape victim
  • kills
  • crisis
  • killed
  • suicide
  • arrested
  • dead
  • death suspicious
  • in court
  • dies
  • abusive
  • killed
  • warning
  • charged
  • concern
  • destroyed
  • arrested
Of the remaining 13 news items (across 4 categories) I only found a two where the headlines use of words could be seen as any counter to the above list:
  • progress made
  • retains title (not even wins!)
So that's a 2:23:11 ratio or good/bad/indifferent.

No wonder I then went to a couple of the places on the web that I know do sustain and inspire me Pinterest and Alison Chisnell's wonderful newyearblog series from guest bloggers.

I know news isn't supposed to be sustaining or inspiring but it's certainly easy to forget the impact immersion in it can do as we go about our normal lives. As I said in a blog last year if we are reminded of the worse in people and look for it it's hard to remember that a larger percentage of the time there's so much good out there.

Please don't let the stacked odds get you down - and when you notice that feeling of negativity reach out and be inspired by the many wonderful things that are published. Just a pity they don't make it into the news more often.   

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Inspiring positive change inside and out


  1. This is very true Alison. Uplifting and happy news stories never seem to be news worthy.
    If I listened and absorbed all that the news told me I think I would never go out the house in the morning or even try and achieve anything.
    Think positive and create your own way forward. Uplifting stuff is certainly better to surround your self with.
    Good blogg.


    Ian Thomson

  2. Thanks Ian great to get some feedback and know it's resonating
    Happy New Year