Friday, 18 January 2013

Local shops are for life not just for Christmas or when it's snowing

2 years ago the town where I live was cut off by snow and, along with what seemed like the other eight thousand inhabitants, I descended on the local shops. We had all we needed really: a small Co-op, 2 bakers, a butchers, a fishmongers, hardware place, our equivalent to poundland, gift shops, newsagent & cafes. Sainsburys, Asda and Tesco were 5-10 miles away and out of reach.  

On that particular day the co-op's shelves were empty and I entered the veg shop for what must been one of only a handful of times in the preceding 6 years. I was upset with myself for what I felt was an abuse - ignoring them until they were the only choice. On that day I vowed to use them more.

These days I'm happy to say I'm on first name terms, regularly post pictures on their facebook page of soups made from their soup bags, ordered all my Christmas veg from them and visit most weeks.

Please remember your local shops are not just for Christmas or for when its snowing - if we don't use them regularly they won't be there next time it snows.


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