Wednesday 29 April 2020

The belief that's keeping me sane

Yesterday I was paralyzed by a belief, and today I have a belief that is keeping me sane. "Everyone is doing the best they can." I don't doubt we could all do better, more and do it faster but we're not. We Are All Yes ALL Doing The Best We Can A belief that stops me spending time focusing on things that are outside my control. I trust the supermarket is doing their best. I trust Westminster is doing its best. I trust the NHS are doing their best. I trust that PPE buyers across the planet are dong their best. If I get distracted with judgement, blame and anger about things I have no control my energy plummets, my best is limited and my well-being is compromised. If I spend time gossiping and agreeing with others on things about which I have no control it's time I can't get back. If I allow them to focus on doing their best I can get on with doing my best. A best that includes constructively helping others to move from today's best to tomorrow's best. No blame about today just learning and insight applied to an ever developing best. What belief will support your best today?

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