Tuesday 28 April 2020

Paralysed by a belief

As I wonder what to write I realise I’m paralysed by a belief - a belief that I’m doing the wrong thing.
“If I say that isn’t it a kick in the teeth for those who are really struggling?”
“Is that really a worthwhile subject to talk about at the moment?”
“Won’t that sound insensitive?”
Of course, it’s not just about writing - I can feel this belief creeping into other activities.
"Should we be doing that at this time?”
“Does it really matter in the scheme of things?”
“Why bother?”
I realise there’s at least two reasons to bother:
1. Everyone is in a different part of their journey through the lockdown - coping, not coping, excelling, loving it, hating it, floored by it, paralysed by it, &\or flying high. Changing daily or even hourly or stuck in one of these. Which means all advice is good advice - it just needs to find the audience needing to hear it - today. Dismissed by many but finding a home in those needing that insight.
2. By doing what I can - what I’m good at - gives me a purpose & it’s that purpose that will strengthen my resilience. A resilience of mind, body, & yes soul too, that is much needed to travel this weird & strange journey we’re on.
Where might you be paralysed by a belief, and how can you reassess its validity to release that mindset.

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