Friday 8 May 2020

Dearest Patience

Dearest Patience,

Thank you for digging deep.
For holding on,
And for being there for me when I need you.

Thank you for taking a breath before reacting to my continued requests for your support.
For not giving up as you cling in hope to a belief that you will get a break soon.
And for jumping in before frustration, anger and even impatience have a chance to take the lead.

I realise unprecedented, and challenging times are stretching you thinner than ever before.
You’re on call 24\7, juggling more than one ball,
And have many more attackers than ever before.

Remember though, I will only get to the other side because of you.

In exchange, I promise never to take your calming insight for granted again,
I will listen,
And we will continue to be this awesome team.

Know that the clap on Thursday is for you too.
It’s a clap of appreciation, of awe.
And a clap of love too.

Thank you my friend.

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