Tuesday 3 February 2015

Summary: Procurement

Yesterday I jumped straight into Miss angry mode, with a summary of blogs that questioned whether we're losing our humanity, I therefore felt it only right that today's summary blog concentrated on the profession that I live, breath and love - procurement.

I wonder if I'm the only person who went into procurement on the advise of the careers adviser - she said my analytical bias and extroversion were perfectly suited to procurement - and 30 years later (did I just type that - oh my!!) I think she might just have been right. I've tried a few times to escape but my passion, enthusiasm and expertise for the profession seems to keep me rooted here.

As you will have noticed many of my blogs concentrate on the soft skills required for procurement, and business more widely (and there will be a separate summary blog to cover that subject tomorrow). So yes I am more likely to blog about influencing skills than I am Kraljic. I'm also more likely to be sharing insight on procurement to those who don't work in procurement rather than those who do. On the basis that if others understand the breadth involved in best practice/ world class or just down right great procurement they'd leave it to us and not try to do it themselves. An area I think procurement has failed to tackle that effectively if recent - horsegate and payment terms fiasco's are anything to go by.

That said, I do at times blog more directly about procurement here, and also for Future Purchasing and Supply Management:

Procurement the basics
Procurement Process
Procurement Management
Supplier Management
General Management
There will be another summary blog tomorrow on soft skills and all things influencing, change management, communication, collaboration and personal development.

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