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For over 20 years I've had a foot in two camps - purchasing and personal development.

Whilst often delivering both to clients I've kept my social media separate. That double life has confused clients, and me, which has led to the decision to move my blogging to my personal development blog - Landscaping Your Life.

I do hope that you'll join me there as we continue to explore landscaping our success together.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Everybody can buy

Gardeners understand that seeds need time in the greenhouse, lawns need mowing and weeds need to be pulled. Yet many businesses often forget to feed, weed and/or prune their suppliers. Why - because they’re only applying buying processes to their expenditure and not applying more rigour by adopting purchasing or procurement tools and techniques.

As The Purchasing Coach I help you ensure your purchasing garden delivers true value to your business or organisation.

This blog explores the behaviours needed to move along the buying/purchasing/procuring continuum - where ever you currently are in the journey. That journey will require you to use a higher degree of rigour and more tools to unlock the value as you move from buying to purchasing and then onto procuring as the following pictures using the dig deep metaphor show:

The Procurement toolkit

Because everybody can buy - but not everyone will purchase and very few will procure.

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The Purchasing Coach
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