Thursday 3 July 2014

Sleep - allowing more room for new information

I went to bed early last night - before 2300 anyway - and woke at 0630. I had also, unlike many nights previously, not woken in the night mind whirling about things to do.

Having written a blog on the signs that the constant doing has taken over I realised this morning I'd totally forgotten about sleep!! Despite it being a frequent topic in coaching sessions with clients.

I've always been an early to bed sort of girl - early being before 2230 and ideally before 2200 and waking around 0630. 

I'd not noticed as the 'doing' took over the slow movement of my going to bed time. 2200 became 2215 and then 2230. Before I knew it it was 2345 and then 0030!! A slow reduction in the number, and quality, of hours asleep.

Whilst scientists don't know definitively why we need sleep they know we do need it. Not least to put into long term memory today's stuff! It's a bit like filing emails into folders. If your emails stay in the inbox sooner or later you just can't find anything, or you exceed your capacity and can't receive any new emails until you've emptied your inbox. 
Our brain is the same and sleep provides the opportunity to undertake this filing - improving access to your memory, and allowing for new memories and information to be stored, and avoiding overload.

Going to bed after 0000 isn't a problem but for me it is when I'm doing it every night.
I'm aiming for 2200 bedtime tonight. You? 

Alison Smith
Inspiring change inside and out

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