Wednesday 2 July 2014

Deadlines - are they killing you?

I often blog about the implication of the language we use, and the internal representation that we have that supports the words - e.g. stuck in a rut, head in the sand, no pain no gain and making mountains out of molehills. The challenge is that often the words and image are unhelpful in achieving the outcome we want.

Deadline is one of those words.

There's such a finality and eventuality about a deadline. Whilst it's intended to mean the date by which something needs to be completed the words used convey much more - a line after which you can not pass without death?

Next time you get given, or have imposed upon you a deadline, do consider the implication of the words and perhaps replace them with something more appropriate and supportive of you achieving your goal and surviving afterwards - milestone?

Alison Smith
Inspiring change inside and out in procurement and business

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