Wednesday 29 August 2012

Acceptance not Comparison

As soon as the Paralympics opening ceremony started so did the comparisons with the Olympics - on social media anyway - better or worse, liked or disliked, more or less:

  • sound
  • sights
  • words
  • storyline
  • special effects
  • fireworks
  • goosebumps
  • tears
  • talents
  • presenters
  • adverts (or not)

  • I got caught up with it myself on whether I wanted the adverts in the opening ceremony - but then realised that may be - just maybe - I was being drawn into the illusion we all have about the validity of the comparisons we make. Isn't there a mirror here for what the athletes, and those they physically represent, face every day.

    and so began my journey of enlightenment (the Paralympics opening ceremony theme) - not making comparisons but just accepting the difference of where people (and opening ceremonies) are at - what ever their history - and being inspired by their story, determination, success, failures and achievements to go tell my story and make a difference in the world. Just, and I mean just, like the Olympic Athletes and their opening ceremony the other week.

    So that's where I'm at on what the #Paralympics has taught me so far - what about you - and more importantly what action will that inspire?

    Alison Smith
    The Purchasing Coach
    Sowing the seeds for effective purchasing

    Lends me your eyes picture source: via Alison on Pinterest

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