Wednesday 5 September 2012

Would you trust a consultant who offers quick fixes?

Over recent years my doctor's appointments have all had the same pattern:

"This is what's wrong with you, go away, take some pills and you'll be fine"

The only difference between the visits has been the diagnosis and the pill being prescribed.

The recent visit was regarding my knee. Osteoarthritis was diagnosed and pain killers prescribed. Which is all well and good but that won't solve the problem. An alternate solution was offered - a replacement knee - but then withheld due to my age (not old enough - not sure if that's :-( or :-) ).

Many people in similar situations, if the support groups on the internet are anything to go by, have been quick to agree with the prognosis and solution provided believing:
  • Osteoarthritis is wear and tear and can't be reversed
  • It will only get worse
  • Pain killers are the only solution - until we're old enough for that major operation that is
  • I've just got grin and bear it (and talk about how bad it is with others who have the same problem)
The issue with that is that is every one of the above statements may not be true for you irrespective of what the Xray looks like - as you will see from my Pinterest board of all the potential solutions to a diagnosis of arthritis.

I've certainly been busy since that doctors appointment 4 weeks ago and have tried many things and have many more to try. The surprising thing is my knee has got soooo much better since I took wheat out of my diet. Since it's early days there may be other factors impacting the improvement but as my personal trainer said - it still proves the mobility can be regained and pain reduced. Fingers crossed the improvement continues.

I didn't go for a quick fix but that's what the doctor offered - I'm just pleased I took personal responsibility to find out what other options I had.

In business it's easy to be like many of those in the support groups - perhaps a little too quick to accept the easy quick fix answer. The problem with accepting the quick fix is the underlying problem hasn't gone away and will rear it's ugly head just as much as my knee waking me at night, refusing to bend and stopping me from enjoying life will. It also assumes that the diagnosis and prognosis are correct.

Next time you're looking for a solution - spend a little more time on the diagnosis and exploring the options - you might just deliver real and sustained benefit to your organisation rather than be putting a sticking plaster on it.

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Sowing the seeds for effective long term solutions to your problems

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