Tuesday 7 August 2012

Let actions provide the inspiration

There's been many from the UK saying that they're enjoying the London 2012 Olympics more than they expected. I'm sure there are many contributory factors: the great opening ceremony, the Queen, James Bond and the corgis, it all taking place on our timezone, availability of live broadcasting for every sport, use of social media, success of #TeamGB etc.

The lack lustre expectation and enthusiasm ahead of the games was that after 7 years of hearing all about it we were bored of it. We just wanted it to be over. We wouldn't then have to read yet another article, watch yet another programme or read about this that or the other hiccup, be warned again about travelling into London, or enter into yet another debate about whether we liked the London 2012 logo, or have to understand what the mascots Wenlock and Mandeville were all about. Simply put we'd had enough of London 2012 before it began.

Yet once we allowed the actions to speak for themselves we got it, we got behind London 2012, we got behind #TeamGB, we got behind all the Olympic athletes and now we're hooked. If we don't have tickets we're on the internet or phone trying to get some. Or we're sitting in front of our TV clapping and shouting - ok screaming - encouragement loudly (or is that just me?). Or we're blogging, tweeting, updating and sharing our congratulations and commiserations to the athletes involved and frankly to who ever will listen.

My take away from all this is not to spend too much time telling people about what I do, and potentially boring them, but just get out there and let the actions speak for themselves. I know the blogs I write and tweets I .. well tweet..  that simply share insight from the day whether at work, rest or play always get a better reception to those where I 'strategically' decide to tell you about something to do with purchasing best practise.

What about you - how can your actions speak louder to your potential clients?

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Sowing the seeds for effective action in purchasing

London 2012 Mascot Picture Source: london2012wallpaper.com via Alison on Pinterest

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