Monday 25 June 2012

Aim for what you want

Aim for what you want and don't leave it to chance!

I didn't watch much of the football last night (England vs Italy) nor had I paid much attention to any of the commentary prior to the game. One conversation that did make an impression, and I had a chat with my dad about before the game, was the England goalie taking about the discussions they'd had about who would take the penalties.

I appreciate they do need to have explored all potential outcomes and practised and prepared for these. Yet it's no surprise that all this effort, discussion and attention prior to the game on penalties, seemingly to the exclusion of other possible outcomes, led them to one outcome - PENALTIES.

The problem with this attention is penalties, to me anyway, seem to be more about luck than skill and judgement. Those able to hold their nerve and remain confident are likely to be more successful than those that don't but luck does seem to be a main contributory factor. I wonder what outcome aiming to win the game would have delivered?

I'm off to look at how many areas in my life I'm aiming for suboptimal outcomes that rely on luck rather than aiming higher for outcomes that I really want and have the skills to deliver.

Alison Smith
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England football team picture source: via Alison on Pinterest

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