Tuesday 19 June 2012

What do you put your heart and soul into?

Pinterest introduced me to The Piano Guys - there I was mooching around repinning some dance videos and then BAM I saw this. Words cannot fully express what happened next. I'm not a great listener to of music but there I was searching for every Piano Guys video I could find on YouTube following them on Twitter and Facebook :-)

I think their vision explains why this non musical girl was moved:

"Our vision is to create music and videos that inspire & uplift. We want to take that music to the world and make a difference. We like to put a new spin on classic stuff and a classic spin on new stuff. Whatever we do, we put our heart and souls into every note and frame."

because this vision is definitely in every note they play and every frame they shoot.

Goosebumps, tears, smiles, inspiration and a great reminder that we should all be doing what we can to put our heart and soul into making a difference in what ever area we can make the most difference.

I might not give people goosebumps or make them cry when I talk about purchasing but I do have a desire to 'take purchasing to businesses and make a difference - to put a new spin on theoretical stuff and a theoretical spin on new stuff.'

How can you put your heart and soul into everything you do every day?

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Sowing the seeds for putting heart and soul into purchasing
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PS I even thought this piece by The Piano Guys expresses how buyer/supplier relationships should be - although entitled 'A thousand years' I do hope it doesn't take that long to change these relationships for the better

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