Friday 25 May 2012

6 out of 7 of Disney's dwarfs are not Happy

6 out of 7 dwarfs in the Disney story are of course not called Happy :-) but seeing the tweet today made me think of recent choices I've made to maximise the opportunities for my own happiness.

Stopped watching NCIS!
I love the characters in NCIS and really watch it for the relationships and banter. Yet I realised something was making me agitated and that agitation seemed to disappear when I was away from home. On further investigation I realised my watching NCIS nightly wasn't doing me any good - the premise of any NCIS storyline being: A dead body, murder, violence, lies & deceit all enveloped by the cheerful banter between characters.

Started using PINTEREST!
I've always had vision boards around my home and know the benefit for me of positive images and words to reinforce a positive and happy outlook. The problem is they soon become part of the furniture and I don't see them. I may spend a day developing such a board but then it just sits there for months. A Pinterest board is something I can add to daily and since starting a Vision and Positive word board 6 weeks ago have noticed my improved positive and optimistic outlook. 

The only downside is Pinterest can get addictive (see my Sowing the Seeds Business Board and other boards). So I do have to remember other choices I've made over recent months and years that also contribute to a continued optimistic and therefore happier outlook:

Continue to:
Eat healthier food, Get enough sleep, Reduce (trying to cut out but failing thus far) sugar, Exercise, Get out in the Sunshine and get some Sea air (see below for evidence of this from this morning's personal training session),
Busting negative beliefs, Being in the moment (more), Spending time with people I enjoy being with, Reading inspiring books, Watching inspiring films and programmes etc.

If you're Grumpy, Sleepy or Dopey what action are you taking every day to be Happy?

Alison Smith
Disney Picture Source: via Alison on Pinterest

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