Wednesday 23 May 2012

Are they asleep, sluggish & distracted in your meetings?

Whilst much of the work I do with managers, who have had no formal training in purchasing, revolves around inspiring them about purchasing :-), the work I do with Purchasing Managers and Procurement Teams does enable me to look at wider well being and life balance.

Which means my new blog isn't going to be just about purchasing tools & techniques or just about using gardening as a metaphor for purchasing. I will still be getting passionate about communication, influencing, well being and other aspects of balance in mind, body & soul. Which I believe anyone who's enjoyed my blogs on AlisonSmitheu will be happy to know.

So to today's wellbeing topic - After weeks of being away from home spent in hotels, trains, planes and meetings I have a plea for all meeting, conference and training organisers:


I'm surmising if you are such an organiser that you have an objective for all attendees to be:
  • attentive
  • awake
  • alert
  • communicative
  • energetic
  • engaged
  • participative
and yet often the only options are caffeinated tea and coffee, biscuits and sweets!!

I will refrain from sharing my personal view about the use of sugar and caffeine to sustain energy and their impact on health. I would ask, however, on behalf of those who would prefer more natural means of sustaining our energy, and even have adverse reactions to those foods offered, that you also offer a choice which includes:
  • water
  • fresh fruit
  • dried fruit
  • nuts  
  • herbal teas
Thank You

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach

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