Wednesday, 18 March 2020

The fuzzy line between entitlement and trust

I shed my first tears about the current situation today &, whilst I'm sure they wont be the last, it had me thinking about the fuzzy line between entitlement & trust.

The tears came as I read Sainsbury's Chief Executive Mike Coupe email as he told what they were doing to safeguard access to provisions for the vulnerable at this time - which includes my mother & her partner.

Are we entitled to this service, or should we trust them to do their best?

Social media this week has been full of anger & frustration aimed at the supermarkets from a position of entitlement.

An entitlement based on what ever it is someone wants, what ever the time of day, & what ever the circumstances they expect to have their immediate & stockpiling needs met.

And yet, at times like these, entitlement seems such a waste.

A waste of time in which we all could be doing something more constructive.

A waste of energy our body needs to boost the immune system.

A waste of precious mental resilience.

In unprecedented & constantly changing times we have to trust that everyone is doing their best, using what ever their expertise to the fullest for the good of everyone.

We all rely on others - others rely on us - it's not an entitlement.

Be someone others can rely on, and trust that others will do the same.


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