Thursday 26 March 2020

I've just not got the bandwidth at the moment

"I've just not got the bandwidth at the moment" It's not just the wifi, zoom (bless them) and other technology that's creaking at the edges through over use. I think we all are - our brains anyway. Unconscious habits that we've honed over years have been thrown up in the air. Even how we live as a family, how we shop, how we exercise, interact with others, measure 2 meters, and even wash our hands have been pushed back into our conscious awareness. A conscious awareness that, just like our wifi, only has so much bandwidth. Previously we could multi task because our unconscious was taking care of the background noise, allowing our conscious mind to focus on the new and exciting stuff. The back ground noise is now jamming the signal. Added to which we've got lots of new things to learn - who knew there was so much to learn about Zoom etc. So cut yourself some slack, and keep things simpler for a while. And trust that over time some of these 'it feels weird' new behaviours will become unconscious habits you no longer need to think about and will be going on in the background releasing up some well needed bandwidth.

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