Thursday 27 February 2020

Money mindset

“I’m not paying £6 for a small cup of hot chocolate” said my friend. As a procurement professional of many years I could have chosen to take the conversation in many directions - after all the other drinks on the menu were comparatively priced with other local cafes, and we were in a chocolate shop. Instead I responded “what does that say about how people should react to your own prices?” I’m not suggesting we pay what ever is asked without consideration of the going rate for that product or service. I am however suggesting we also pay attention to our own energy around payment to others. It can’t be true that we are always worth what we ask for payment and others are definitely not. It can’t be true that we are worth what we are paid to do our job and yet others should provide theirs for free. It can’t be true When you’re next begrudging paying someone you may want to spend a few moments exploring the beliefs that are driving that reaction. hashtag

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