Wednesday 17 July 2013

In need of more bounce - part 2 (for teams)

An earlier blog considered all the different things you might do to get your bounce back personally. As I wrote the blog I realised that teams (and even organisations) can become very deflated and lacking in bounce too. This blog reflects on the things that can be done to get the bounce back at work.

Consider a time when bounce was lacking in a team you were a member of - which of the following did, or could have, re-established bounce in the team?
  • A clear vision
  • Alignment of values - walking the talk
  • Clarity of goals
  • Measurement of progress
  • Buy-in from all involved
  • Senior leadership support
  • Inspiration
  • Effective communication
  • Participation of all involved
  • Inclusion of wider stakeholders
  • Resources to do the job (whether development of new skills, more people or new tools) 
  • Feedback
  • Flexibility of approach
  • Understanding and appreciation
  • Effective management
  • Team cohesiveness 
  • Effective team working
  • Supportive behaviours (and lack of unhelpful ones :-))
  • Healthy working environment
  • Life balance
I also realise many of these work well for getting your personal bounce back too.

I'd love to know how a team you've been involved in got their bounce back.

Alison Smith
Inspiring change inside and out in purchasing and business more widely

If your team is in need of more bounce I'd be happy to discuss different tools I use that that would help facilitate this. The Frameworks for Change Coaching Process is a great tool for uncovering what's holding you back. The Landscaping Your Life process is also a very effective tool for tapping into creativity within the team - either using the ICECAPS checklist or more metaphorically in nature itself for strategy development and so on (for examples of the many different ways we can relate, and therefore learn and use nature do see my LYL Pinterest board).

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