Saturday 29 June 2013

Sustainability - starts with you

Dear George

I saw your photo you proudly shared on twitter and I'm worried.

There are busy days when I collapse at the end of it and pig out on food that is unhealthy. However a majority of the time, and particular during the day, I do my very best to ensure that what I eat and drink sustains me and my brain. Thus ensuring I remain focused and able to make the right decisions when I need to. You might be surprised to read that very few of my decisions impact others in quite the way yours and your colleagues have this week, but for those they do impact I like to hope they get the right advice because of the choices I make on the food I eat.

I have to admit that I'm basing my judgement on one photo but please please tell me the cans of coke and burger and chips were a one off and not a daily occurrence for you and other Cabinet and senior civil servants. If you have that little regard for your own sustainability looking instead for quick fixes and short term gain I do wonder what impact it has on the decisions you make. I also worry if the same pattern is reflected in the way in which you attend to your work and decisions made there too?

I know you've had a busy week and therefore may not have had chance to read yesterday's blog. In brief I shared the ICECAPS checklist that uses nature to landscape areas of your life to ensure we all flourish. In other words, just like the planet, we each need to preserve our own ICECAPS.

The ICECAPS checklist starts with Integrity and ends with Sustainability. For the planet to be sustainable it requires that all its component parts work together to ensure sustainability of the whole. For example each type of bee within a hive has different, and yet the appropriate, food to undertake their role effectively. On my reckoning burger, chips and coke does very little to sustain a Cabinet minister. I even wonder if the increase, even if ever so slightly, in the NHS budget in England, might have been made to offset the previous reduction in cabinet minister sustainability - although suspect not!

If the burger is indicative of the food consumed by you and your colleagues can I please give you some homeplay - ditch the sugary drinks, drink more water, reduce the amount of processed and fatty foods and eat five a day (must be a NHS advise pamphlet somewhere on that!).

Kindest regards

Alison Smith
Inspiring change inside and out

You may find the blogs about phrases we use such as: no pain no gain, not burning bridges nor burying your head in the sand helpful. Although they use the landscaping process a little differently from the ICECAPS checklist. If you're a Treky you might like this on finding your inner Picard!

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