Monday 10 June 2013

Case studies

I might blog often but I realise that you may not know what my day to day work involves and therefore not understand how I may be able to help your organisation.

The following case studies demonstrating the facilitation, coaching and development services delivered to clients.

Case study 1: Financial services
  • Issue: Procurement team was experiencing resistance from internal stakeholders.
  • Outcome: Stakeholders are engaged and supporting procurement strategy. In addition category strategies have been presented by the stakeholders to senior leadership teams and approval was obtained as a result.
  • Intervention: One day workshop focused on communication and influencing. A mix of theory and applying it to the stakeholders in question. Included use of Frameworks for change Coaching Process (FCP).

Case study 2: Financial services
  • Issue: Merger of two organisations resulted in disparate teams needing to be brought together.
  • Outcome: Motivated team with clear strategy for next 18 months.
  • Intervention: Series of workshops, facilitated sessions and 1:1 coaching to address concerns, manage expectations, and develop procurement strategy.

Case Study 3: Transport
  • Issue: Significant spend with over 20 suppliers across the UK on a category of indirect services with inconsistent service delivered.
  • Outcome: Application of strategic sourcing delivering 35% annual savings. Achieved through application of rigorous research and analysis resulting in significant specification review and increased management of the process.
  • Intervention: Coaching of project manager responsible for the category and workshop and meeting facilitation.

Case Study 4: Services
  • Issue: SME's starting up and failing due to lack of support.
  • Outcome: SME's aware of the process to follow to successfully set up their businesses.
  • Intervention: Series of three workshops supporting business start up including specialist speakers and facilitated discussions to draw out and embed learning.

Case Study 5: Services
  • Issue: Board of management in need of a new perspective.
  • Outcome: Innovative strategy developed for the organisation.
  • Intervention: Facilitated session to get the board using their unconscious to provide new perspectives rather than sticking to what they'd always done. Included use of landscaping your life process.

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