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Saturday, 13 August 2016

What's sauerkraut got to do with it?

There I was cutting up red cabbage to put into the jar to make sauerkraut.

I cut up half the cabbage into very small pieces. I stopped because there looked to be more than enough. Then, because to stop it going mouldy rather than fermenting it's important that there's minimal air left in the jar, I started cramming the cabbage into the jar. I was very surprised to find that it only filled half the jar. Meaning the rest of the cabbage was needed to fill the jar.

How is this relevant in life? 

I suspect it can have a few different insights - for me today it's about remembering that we can cram more and more into life, even more than we expect. However, the added pressure, whilst making great sauerkraut, can lead to added stress and a potential explosion.

Final picture from previous red cabbage sauerkraut making a few months ago.

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The Purchasing Coach
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