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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

In need of more bounce - part 1?

Next time you feel a little deflated remember even bouncy castles, whose main purpose is bounce, feel that way at times. They just require input from external sources to get their bounce back.

When you're next feeling like this picture all you need to do it consider what external sources could provide you with that extra bounce:
  • Water?
  • The right food ?
  • Exercise?
  • Going outside?
  • Time with specific people? (I'm with a 7 and 10 yr old at the weekend :-))
  • Time alone?
  • Busyness?
  • Peace?
  • Being creative?
  • Writing?
  • Singing?
  • Dancing?
  • Learning and developing new skills?
  • Being reminded you are loved?
  • Being grateful?
I get a sense that following my prescription for positivity may also help?

How do you get your bounce back when you've lost it - please do share your thoughts in the comments below as its easy to forget all the different ways bounce can be re-established.

In need of more bounce part 2 - considers getting bounce back in organisations and teams.

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