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For over 20 years I've had a foot in two camps - purchasing and personal development.

Whilst often delivering both to clients I've kept my social media separate. That double life has confused clients, and me, which has led to the decision to move my blogging to my personal development blog - Landscaping Your Life.

I do hope that you'll join me there as we continue to explore landscaping our success together.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Using nature to landscape your leadership

If you use nature as your teacher then the story of the universe becomes the story of our solar system, which becomes the story of our planet, of humanity, of you and I, and of our flourishing. The story starts with Integrity and concludes with Sustainability and, just like our planet, requires you individually, or organisationally, to retain your ICECAPS.

For over 15 years I've used a process that uses nature to landscaping client's lives - whether landscaping their life, health, relationships, work, business or leadership. It's been used in many different settings for example strategy development, team development, problem resolution, goal setting and so on. Over that time a number of different techniques have been used to enable insight to be obtained, action plans developed and progress made.

This blog shares with you a more recent innovation and that's the ICECAPS checklist which has been developed to look at what nature can teach us about our lives. As you'd expect from nature - it's simple - you just have to ensure that you retain your ICECAPS.
  • Integrity - authenticity and being true to yourself
  • Creation - bringing the right resources together to achieve a vision
  • Evolution - understanding and flowing with the patterns of growth in the environment
  • Collaboration - working with others across the whole system in which you operate
  • Action - taking positive action towards the goal 
  • Perspective - understanding where you are in relation to the goal and changing course as needed 
  • Sustainability - ensuring all actions allow for sustainability of the whole system 
When problems and challenges arise in your life the question becomes at which point of the ICECAPS checklist has disconnection taken place. Appropriate action can then be identified in order to reconnect.

More on the process can be found on my Pinterest board and Facebook page. Otherwise more will follow other forthcoming blogs.

Alternatively if you'd like me to run a landscaping your business session with your team, a one day landscaping your life session with a manager, or have other areas you'd like to be landscaped then do please call me +44 (0)7770 538159 or email me

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