Tuesday 29 October 2019

Low-hanging fruit

“We’ve exhausted the low-hanging fruit, so what do we do now?” 

This is a challenge many procurement departments face. 

Before jumping in with a logical exploration of what to do next - because I suspect you’ve tried that already numerous times - let’s see what a metaphorical exploration can provide. 

That is, if low-hanging fruit is picked quickly, and only once, how do we get more harvest for our organisations? 
  • get a ladder
  • wait for the higher-hanging fruit to fall
  • remove the overgrowth hiding the fruit
  • look for the harder-to-reach fruit
  • find ways to increase the yield
  • reduce waste
  • find uses for the wonky fruit
  • ensure we compost the rotten fruit
  • get more revenue for the fruit we do pick
  • reduce the total cost of growing and harvesting
  • expand the amount of fruit we grow (perhaps expanding to other orchards)
  • change the variety we plant
  • buy fruit from others
  • elongate the harvesting season
  • plan next year’s harvest better
  • move to better soil, or less climate-affected areas
  • use fruit from other areas
  • diversify into growing other fruits or vegetables 

Any other ideas? 

Somewhere within the metaphorical exploration is a seed of an idea for delivering more value.

Photo by niklas_hamann on Unsplash

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