Saturday 22 September 2018

If you can't see the wood for the trees

Can't see the wood for the trees is finally out, and explores a variety of ways of using nature as our coach when we're using her name in vain such as: stuck in a rut; up a creek without a paddle; or any of the sayings shown:
It's origins go back to the late 90's, and using gardening as a metaphor for supplier management, when encouraging managers within the organisation they needed to do more than just leave suppliers to it and hope for the best. Shortly thereafter the gardening expanded to cover nature more broadly, and supplier management expanded to include life, and Landscaping Your Life was born. Using #LandscapingYourLife on most social media platforms will find me.

There's over 10 different coaching tools shared in the book to help you get on track if any of these sayings are curtailing or dampening progress you're making in your life. There's an overview of the book I published when the US edition was published last month. For the more logically minded readers I also wrote a post at that time exploring the molehills we're actually making a mountain of.  

Today on my Landscaping Your Life blog I explore one of these tools as it relates to the title of the book Can't see the wood for the trees.  

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