Friday 22 December 2017

Purchasing Coach: Advent Window 22: Stand in your shoes

25 unconventional coaching and facilitation tools to surprise and delight

I've written before about standing in the other person's shoes to get insight on how to shift a current impasse with them. 

When I purchased these elves shoes, I thought that's what I was going to do with them on this series of posts ie to use them, as an example of standing in the other person's shoes.

However, upon getting to the beach and putting one elf shoe on, another thought came to mind. As I looked down, I reflected on whether the 2 shoes represented different aspects of me.

As I put on the elf shoe I wondered who do I become? what do I feel comfortable doing? what would my elf-like self do in the situation? (Be more playful was the answer - more lighthearted - less attached to a particular outcome)

It's a little like my friend who always wears her red jacket when she's got a particularly tough meeting coming up. It's as if what she's wearing changes her level of confidence, and ability to tackle the day in hand.

I wondered if shoes would be like that too?

Would I think of different solutions, options or answers when I was in bare feet? (Authenticity, and grounding myself and connecting to nature came to mind? Certainly looking for down to earth solutions.)

Or in my normal shoes, or any other shoes  

Trainers: Fast paced, flexible, adaptive, comfortable?

High heels: Stylish, elegant, poised, more considered?

Safety shoes: Risk management and mitigation, careful and considered? 

Flip Flops: relaxed and patient?

Or perhaps like my friend and her jacket. its about the colour of the shoes that makes the difference

Red: confident, strident, assured?

Wellies: Practical, water tight?
Pink: fun and light hearted?
Blue: clarity and ease?
Orange: vibrant and excited? 

What insights come to mind as you view the different shoes? 

In what way can these insights be applied to a current situation you'd like more clarity about? 

Thy're all different parts and aspects of ourselves, that imagining the different shoes styles and colours allows us to access, along with the different perspective they provide on a situation/challenge.  

As you imagine wearing different shoes observe in what way they allow you to view the situation differently - some improving and increasing the solutions available, and others not!

Do let me know how you get on.

Alison Smith
Unlocking procurement potential - using conventional and unconventional tools
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Earlier in the year I applied some of the unconventional tools shared in this series of advent posts to common procurement challenges - more here.

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