Wednesday 13 December 2017

Purchasing Coach: Advent Window 13: Do nothing

25 unconventional coaching and facilitation tools to surprise and delight

Following on from yesterday's insight I'm reminded of another tool - Do nothing.

Here, I don't mean do nothing about the problem and do everything and anything else instead.

I mean, DO NOTHING - zilch!

Put your phone down, turn your laptop off, or at least walk away from them all, and have a quiet few moments to your self.

A few minutes walking, or sitting with no talking, no thinking, just being in the moment, and taking deep breaths.

And then, and only after your few minutes away, notice what you notice.

Alison Smith
Unlocking procurement potential - using conventional and unconventional tools
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Earlier in the year I applied some of the unconventional tools shared in this series of advent posts to common procurement challenges - more here.

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