Thursday 30 November 2017

Start 2018 as you mean to go on

Get back on track and in the flow of 2018 

The new year is such a great time for vision and goal setting, for removing what's holding us back and just getting back into the flow of our lives, and making a positive difference in what ever way we can. Personal coaching session and group webex's are available to help support you doing that.

1:1 Coaching 

I wanted to remind you to get in touch if you'd like to understand more about how personal coaching sessions work, and how they might help you succeed and have a fabulous 2018 +44 (0)7770 538159

Coaching can include a number of 1 hours sessions over a few weeks or months; a slightly longer but single session; or even a 0.5 day to 2 day retreat where you get to explore a wider range of topics you'd like to focus on for 2018.

Posts written to help you understand the role of coaching include: How I coach, the tools available when being coachedthe art of asking powerful questions, and the use of unconventional tools in coaching.

Webex Seminars

An alternative to 1:1 coaching is to get involved in a webex, which is a mix of lecture, discussion and Q&A between a small group of like minded people. Topics can include:
  • Vision and goal setting
  • Finding motivation
  • Building confidence
  • Understanding self and others
  • Creativity 
  • The art of doing something different every day
Again let me know if this is something you'd be interested in +44 (0)7770 538159

More about services available to organisations can be found here and here.

Here's to a fabulous 2018 full of inspiration and joy.

Alison Smith
Unlocking your potential - with the odd unconventional tool thrown in when needed +44(0)7770 538159 

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