Friday 26 September 2014

Comfort zones

Time and time again I have seen the evidence that we can do more than we think we can - both for myself and others.

Spending a night in a sleeping bag on just a plastic sheet in the wind and rain for Bite night was such an occasion when I realised I had more resilience than I thought. That resilience stayed with me for a while before I forgot about what I was capable of and slipped back into my cosy comfort zone.

Last year Davina McCall's and Alex Jones's physical feats for Comic Relief stayed with me many many weeks. They both inspired me to try harder in personal training, and to stretch myself at work. After a while I forgot and slipped unknowingly back into my comfort zone.

Last night I saw such determination again and hope that it stays with me for some time, and that I manage to stay conscious and expand my comfort zone as a result.

I was watching Season 6 of MasterChef Australia. The episode (10 for anyone interested) involved 3 wannabe chef's fighting for survival. They were asked to cook a very elaborate 'rivers and seas' dish. Technique was needed at every turn and they only had the recipe to guide them. For the trio many of the techniques were new and would normally take years of practise to get right - they only had 2 hours!

All 3 struggled and Nick was the ultimate loser on the night. It was however Sean's journey that inspired me the most. When faced with something new he did what I think most of us can find ourselves doing - he panicked. He demonstrated every cliche going - headless chicken, running around in circles, rabbit in the headlights. Those looking on kept reminding him to breathe. He forgot to enjoy what he was doing and could be heard repeatedly saying "I can't do this."
I can only imagine what made Sean persevere - but persevere he did - and presented a plate that enabled him to stay in the competition. Shortly after the above picture he said "if you'd shown me this plate 2 hours ago and told me it was mine I'd have said you were a liar."

None of us know what we are truly capable of and often only find out when pushed to do so.

My coach has just called and asked, after I'd told her I was writing this blog, "So how will you expand your comfort zone this weekend?" - I'll let you know next week - what about you - how will you expand your comfort zone?

Alison Smith
Inspiring Change inside and out

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