Monday 29 September 2014

Be the change

On Friday I said that we were all capable of so much more than we thought. I ended the blog encouraging you and me to expand our comfort zones so that we could understand this more fully.

I wondered about what I might do and realised it's not always the big things that can expand our comfort zones. It's all the little habits that we have that also reinforce the safety of staying as we are.

So I set about doing the little things differently and here's what I managed to do:
  • Had a shower and not a bath each morning
  • Ate at the table not the sofa
  • Ate breakfast on the beach (not that much of a change except I've not done that for months)
  • Drove at the speed limit
  • Didn't watch TV for a day
  • Took a different route into town
  • Went to a different supermarket
  • Went down different aisles at the normal supermarket
  • Drank normal not herbal tea!!
The last of these are unlikely to be repeated but the others all enabled me to understand that habits can sometimes limit our lives in ways we're not aware of. Try it and see for yourself.

To help give you some ideas other things I considered doing, and may yet try this week, included:
  • Brushing my teeth with my left hand
  • Sitting on a different sofa in the lounge
  • Wearing different clothes
  • Going to bed earlier
  • Getting up earlier
  • Starting the day with exercise/meditation 
It will be interesting to see how all the small changes I made over the weekend, the small expansions of my comfort zone, will prepare me for some bigger changes in the week ahead. I'll keep you posted.

Alison Smith
Inspiring change inside and out

More here on the small changes we might want to make at work and in our relationships.

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