Friday 21 February 2014

Communication lessons from the kitchen

Earlier in the week problems with the oven in the hotel room reminded me to not make assumptions about the amount of information you need to provide for your communication to be clear. 

Today's communication lesson came from the tap!!

Perhaps I was just a little sleepy this morning but it wasn't until I had the setting as shown that hot water was an output.

Taps, like people, are all subtlety different, and in order to understand how to achieve your goal you need to know how they work. This tap had some colour coding - with people it's not always so obvious. There will, however, be lots of clues about their preferred means of communication. The key is adapting the content, style, method, timing and quantity of communicatin to suit the individual.

If you're having problems communicating with someone what clues might you be missing on how to change your communication? 

Plenty of previous blogs have touched on  the clues people give about their preferred means of communication. Once I'm online properly rather than using the app to write this I'll provide some links. 

Alison Smith
Inspiring change inside and out 

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